Friday, April 6, 2007

Detailed Myspace Set up: Song Selection

I thought I'd start with song selection, as it sets the tone for your Myspace page right at the start. Due to traffic and other things on Myspace, people often will hear your song playing before they can see other parts of your site. This isn't always the case, but it happens.

Now this article will assume that you already know basics about putting a song into your Myspace page, setting it to auto start or not, and how to add one into your page. If you don't know how to do this, there are some wonderfully easy to follow guides on Myspace itself, or you can do a search for it.

To start, Myspace has an amazingly large selection of music. There's new bands that aren't even signed to the most popular artists out there. Which you choose all depends on your personality type and feelings at the time. It also depends on how often you are able to log in to your Myspace page.

Before you choose any song, think about a few things for me. Are you the sort of person who will be checking your Myspace every day, or even every few days? Or are you probably going to forget it for the most part, and check it every week or whenever you are in the mood? It may not seem like much, but you can fine tune your song selection on Myspace with this information.

If you check it often, I would suggest changing your song every few days, and based on your feelings of the day you change it. This is like a 'mini blog' posting. It sets your mood for those who will be checking your Myspace page. Are you feeling a little sad? Find an emotional song that you like. Feeling absolutely amazing? Find an upbeat song that just seems to fit! A song to fit your feelings at the time, and to carry over for a few days, will say a lot more to people visiting your Myspace page than just a generic song that you liked at the time and keep up constantly. It'll bring more comments and interest, which is one thing we all love to get! Especially from interesting people and friends, who are probably what your Myspace friend's list is populated mostly with.

If you don't check your Myspace page too often, I would suggest a different route. This route isn't any worse than the above, but it probably won't draw as much interest. The ideal situation would be to change your song every week or every other week. You can keep just enough entertainment from it to draw people's attention. If you manage to do it around the same day, all the time, then you will possibly get people expecting it, and checking out your page during these days. It's not suggested to pick a song dealing with your feelings at the moment, though. You don't really want people asking you a week later why you picked a sad song for your Myspace page, do you? You probably will have gotten in a better mood by then! It's better, in this situation, to pick a song that deals with a general tone of your personality that you are feeling, or a larger achievement that you have accomplished. Did you just get an A on a final? Pick a song that shows your excited about it!

Now to actually pick a song..

This is a bit trickier, but it has multiple solutions. The first, and easiest, is that you might already have a song you already think is perfect for your Myspace page at this current time. That's great! Just look up the artist or band on Myspace and see if the song is up there. If it is, add it on if you can. If it's not, then just start over from the beginning. I assure you all that there are plenty of songs on Myspace that will fit what you want to choose.

The second, and relatively easy, way to choose is to take some time beforehand to listen to music. You can listen to songs that you already have(CDs, iTunes, Rhapsody, or the multitude of other already set up song systems). You can find some general internet radio stations(Yahoo! Music - Launchcast, Musicmatch Jukebox, and I'm sure tons of others but I use those two mainly). Or you can find out the websites of the local radio stations that you listen to, and see if they have live internet streaming. A lot of radio stations do have this now, and it's as simple as clicking a link on their website to start it up and playing. This works better on a faster connection, and it still might be a little laggy at times.

The third way, and my personal favorite, is to do a broad music search through Myspace itself. You can search by category very easily, and it'll give you a large list of Myspace band pages that match your criteria. This is nice because you can find up and coming artists that you may not have even heard of before. They have some great songs a lot of times, too. Not only can you get a song to fit your Myspace page, you can also support a new band/artists music, and put something not often heard on your page. This is likely to draw a good amount of interest to your Myspace page, when your friends want to hear that song again or just telling others about it. The downside to this selection is that it can be very time consuming. In my opinion, the end product of it is the best, though.

To summarize, with the right song on your Myspace page, you can make it much more interesting and entertaining to anyone who might look at it. It sets the mood and gives people some insight into how you might be feeling. It can draw attention to your page more often, and then bring word of mouth attention, also.

I hope you liked my detailed Myspace song selection article!


Detailed Myspace Set up

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There's plenty of sites to actually configure your Myspace page for you. This won't be one of those. You're welcome to do a Google search to find one if you wish. This site is to help with the details for your Myspace page that other sites can't possibly go into. Those deeply rooted and psychological problems that no single mortal shall truly ever understand! It's not really like that at all, but it will give you some insight into setting up your Myspace page to be friendly to others who might go.

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